Monday, 10 September 2012

Proud Mummy moment alert

 Today is DAY ONE of our little family jaunt to Hastings. Courtesy of The Sun's £9.50 holidays (which end up a lot more than £9.50! But still, a lot cheaper than if booked without those pretty little collectable tokens!)

So, after dropping the pooches off to Great Nan's (she's doggy sitting), packing, loading up the cars, risking and succeeding with the dreaded M25, stopping for a spot of lunch, the six of us arrived safely! Mum, Gerry, Sandy, Sacha, Neev and me. All checked and accounted for!

After quickly unpacking, we had a wander around the park and let the boys have a run about in the playground. We're staying at Combe Haven Holiday Park, Hastings and I have to say I'm impressed so far. Clean, friendly and great facilities. All good for a Sun bargain :-)

When it came to bed time, we tried to keep to the boys routine as much as possible. Dinner, Bath, milk and then sleepies. We put them into the double bed and covered them over with their blankets from home and snuggled them close to their fav teddies. After half hour of giggling....there was silence! I opened the door and peeked around to see this....

I feel so proud of my tiny baby boys! It's their first night in a grown up bed, alone. I expected tears and tantrums and hours of having to carry them back into the room kicking and screaming. I couldn't have been more wrong. They were so well behaved and didn't even step a foot out of the bed! My boys never fail me and ALWAYS make me proud and tonight was no exception. Now, I just hope they stay put all night so their Daddy and I can get some sleep and re-energise for a full day of swimming and sight seeing tomorrow! 

Night all

'Til next time

Sam :-) 

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