Saturday, 29 September 2012

Brownie Heaven

Now, other than other need in life is Chocolate! Yes, I feel it does deserve a capital C. Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate. About this time last year I came across a page on Facebook called eatmecuppycakes. This lady makes lots of lovely goodies from hot Chocolate spoons to a cup!

BUT! Hold it right there....this isn't all she makes. Recently she has put her hand to brownies. BUT not just any old brownie. Not just your bog standard dry old brownie. Oh no no. **tuts and shakes a finger at you pessimistic lot**)

eatmecuppycakes have designed a peanut butter and Chocolate swirl brownie, which I cannot do justice to you by just describing, but i'll try. It is immense! It is gooey. It is the perfect blend of Chocolate and peanut. The eighth wonder of the world, in fact! It is a taste experience that I urge you all to try.

I was going to post a photo of the brownies I received but it would appear my husband has finished them, how very dare he....

So, here is a lovely image from the fabulous eatmecuppycakes page themselves...

'Til next time!

Sam :-)


  1. A beautiful blend of the two greatest things. Chocolate and Peanut Butter. Yum

    1. You're definitely right there faith! I salut this brownie! :-)

  2. Your man has taste then.....

    1. Hey Shehanne! Great to see you here! Well, I have a little confession...I can't blame my husband any was actually me! Oopsie! :-)


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