Saturday, 29 September 2012

Brownie Heaven

Now, other than other need in life is Chocolate! Yes, I feel it does deserve a capital C. Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate. About this time last year I came across a page on Facebook called eatmecuppycakes. This lady makes lots of lovely goodies from hot Chocolate spoons to a cup!

BUT! Hold it right there....this isn't all she makes. Recently she has put her hand to brownies. BUT not just any old brownie. Not just your bog standard dry old brownie. Oh no no. **tuts and shakes a finger at you pessimistic lot**)

eatmecuppycakes have designed a peanut butter and Chocolate swirl brownie, which I cannot do justice to you by just describing, but i'll try. It is immense! It is gooey. It is the perfect blend of Chocolate and peanut. The eighth wonder of the world, in fact! It is a taste experience that I urge you all to try.

I was going to post a photo of the brownies I received but it would appear my husband has finished them, how very dare he....

So, here is a lovely image from the fabulous eatmecuppycakes page themselves...

'Til next time!

Sam :-)

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

I thought I would share six from my short story "Forbidden Love". I hope you enjoy.

“I forbid you from seeing that predator again! He has been escorted off of the premises and put on a plane back to London. You will never see or speak of him again. You are lucky I spared his life!” Her Father’s voice boomed through the royal estate walls.
His tone and facial expression accentuated the word predator, as if he had tasted something foul in his mouth. 

Heres the link if you want to check out some great six sentences this Sunday!

'Til next time

Sam :-) 

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Is your book case as messy as mine?

After mentioning my book case in yesterday's blog post, I thought it was only fair that I introduce him properly to you all. So, here he is.....

Please excuse the potty, the waste paper bin and all the junk surrounding it...I promise there is a wooden book case in there somewhere. Its tucked in the corner of our twin's bedroom and really has just about run out of space. Well, saying that, it was out space along time ago! Hence, the piles and balancing acts! There is a right old mixture of genres on these shelves and yes, it is chaos. But I can guarantee it is organised chaos. I know where everything is amongst this messy mess! I do have a lot of ebooks too, but obviously they are all neatly stored on my pretty little Kobo and Kindle. 

So, I just wondered what all of your book shelves/cases look like? :-) 

'Til next time!

Sam :-) 

Friday, 21 September 2012

Jane Eyre, what be your thoughts?

Now, I have a dreadful confession to make and I'm not proud of it. Those of you who know me will obviously understand how much I love books, how much I ADORE books! All styles, genres, eBook, print, you name, I love it. I'm very precious over them and IF I lend one to somebody, I hand it over with a list of rules (do not bend, do not hold near food or drink, do not let it get damaged in any shape or FORM!) Anyway, I'm digressing as usual. Let me get back to my point....

Jane Eyre. I don't own a copy! **Shock, horror, shock!**

There, I said it. Its out there for the big wild world to see. I hang my head in shame. As an avid reader this really should have been in my ever growing collection of books. (my poor book case looks like its going to collapse at any given second!)It should be standing proud in my collection of classics. I feel I have let my writer/reader alter ego down by not having experienced the story of Jane Eyre sooner than now.

My husband saw the new adaption of JE advertised on SKY the other evening and asked if I wanted to watch it with him. Sure, I said and happily sat down thinking what is this all about. I mean, I had heard of JE and Charlotte Bronte, but never really knew of the storyline. WELL. Now, this film was GOOD but boys are always my first love. They can simply conjure up a whirlwind of emotion through the skill and delicate positioning of words. Just words. I don't mean 'just' words as if they are nothing. I mean it as in, just words, simple little words, letters, that can evoke so much power, that really it is quite incredible. Films need actors, locations, costumes, makeup artists, directors and the rest of the army. Yet a book, all it requires is one writer with a huge, passionate imagination. Oh gosh, I'm going off on one again.....

So, we watched the film and I loved it. Yes, the film was amazing, the colours and acting ofcourse, but the story of JE, it was just wonderful. I love Jane. Here effortlessly beautiful and unique personality, her strength and power for herself and all women. I loved her passion for Mr Rochester and the turbulant journey she has to endure to reach her happy ending. It's hauntingly eerie edge, combined with a love story makes this work of art quite unique and in my opinion, simply beautiful. For it's time, 1800's - Bronte was a talent in her own right.

The film got me thinking, I really do need to get myself a copy in print. There is no excuse! On payday, JE will have a pride of place position on my caving-in book case!

Now, for those of you have seen/read JE, what are your thoughts on the story?

'Til next time

Sam :-)

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Who said writing is easy?

I thought I would do a little blog update about how my writing is coming along. Well, there is only one word really. SLOW.

Whoever said writing is easy, they're lying. It's hard work but I love it and I still hold on to that hope and dream that one day I WILL be able to do it full time and all of the time. Bye bye regular day job and hellooooooo published author, Sam. For now though, it is still aspiring author, Sam and boring day job:-)

Daniella and Luca are still alive (on paper, I mean!) and coming along nicely. Each month I have been sending a chapter off to the lovely Annie Seaton to be edited and polished up. At the moment we are on chapter four (I think?) And whenever I have a little extra cash, I aim to send her two a month. So, all in all, their complex love story should be finished in the next few months!

My critique partner (the lovely Faith Thomas) and I are aiming to enter a little competition for short stories. Mine is based on a couple called Thana (AKA Ana) and Tom. Ana is a Middle Eastern beauty, and a princess in line for the throne. She falls in love with her London born bodyguard, Tom. Their relationship is forbidden and when they are caught, Tom's life is just about spared and he is sent back to London, whilst Ana is exiled to live with distant relatives. I wont tell you the whole story (though there isn't much, it is only 3000!) just incase it does get pub'd :-)

Then, I also have a vampire story in the pipeline and that one I really am excited about!! Just need to find the time to get going on it. Check out my pinterest boards when you have time, I have a few pics of him on there. A nice blend of Cillian Murphy and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Watch this space!

So, ladies and gents, that is where the story (ies) stand at this moment in time.

'Til next time!

Sam :-)

Monday, 10 September 2012

Proud Mummy moment alert

 Today is DAY ONE of our little family jaunt to Hastings. Courtesy of The Sun's £9.50 holidays (which end up a lot more than £9.50! But still, a lot cheaper than if booked without those pretty little collectable tokens!)

So, after dropping the pooches off to Great Nan's (she's doggy sitting), packing, loading up the cars, risking and succeeding with the dreaded M25, stopping for a spot of lunch, the six of us arrived safely! Mum, Gerry, Sandy, Sacha, Neev and me. All checked and accounted for!

After quickly unpacking, we had a wander around the park and let the boys have a run about in the playground. We're staying at Combe Haven Holiday Park, Hastings and I have to say I'm impressed so far. Clean, friendly and great facilities. All good for a Sun bargain :-)

When it came to bed time, we tried to keep to the boys routine as much as possible. Dinner, Bath, milk and then sleepies. We put them into the double bed and covered them over with their blankets from home and snuggled them close to their fav teddies. After half hour of giggling....there was silence! I opened the door and peeked around to see this....

I feel so proud of my tiny baby boys! It's their first night in a grown up bed, alone. I expected tears and tantrums and hours of having to carry them back into the room kicking and screaming. I couldn't have been more wrong. They were so well behaved and didn't even step a foot out of the bed! My boys never fail me and ALWAYS make me proud and tonight was no exception. Now, I just hope they stay put all night so their Daddy and I can get some sleep and re-energise for a full day of swimming and sight seeing tomorrow! 

Night all

'Til next time

Sam :-) 

Sunday, 9 September 2012

My shiny new blogspot


I'm waving to you lovely folk from my new, quirky, all singing and dancing blogspot. Isn't it just so pretty and elegant and professional (well, it is in my opinion). I wanted to tidy it up, add a few interactive gadgety type things and in general just make it more effortlessly chic :-)

But, unfortunately I can't take credit for this little beaut. Oh no. It is actually all down to my new, sweet friend Layla and her creative talents. Layla is a fashion promotion student (I hope I got that right, Layla??) 

So, grab yourself a brew (or something fizzy and alcoholic, I don't judge), pull up a chair and have a look around. I hope you love it as much as I do. 

Thank you, Layla! 

'Til next time

Sam :-) 
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