Friday, 21 September 2012

Jane Eyre, what be your thoughts?

Now, I have a dreadful confession to make and I'm not proud of it. Those of you who know me will obviously understand how much I love books, how much I ADORE books! All styles, genres, eBook, print, you name, I love it. I'm very precious over them and IF I lend one to somebody, I hand it over with a list of rules (do not bend, do not hold near food or drink, do not let it get damaged in any shape or FORM!) Anyway, I'm digressing as usual. Let me get back to my point....

Jane Eyre. I don't own a copy! **Shock, horror, shock!**

There, I said it. Its out there for the big wild world to see. I hang my head in shame. As an avid reader this really should have been in my ever growing collection of books. (my poor book case looks like its going to collapse at any given second!)It should be standing proud in my collection of classics. I feel I have let my writer/reader alter ego down by not having experienced the story of Jane Eyre sooner than now.

My husband saw the new adaption of JE advertised on SKY the other evening and asked if I wanted to watch it with him. Sure, I said and happily sat down thinking what is this all about. I mean, I had heard of JE and Charlotte Bronte, but never really knew of the storyline. WELL. Now, this film was GOOD but boys are always my first love. They can simply conjure up a whirlwind of emotion through the skill and delicate positioning of words. Just words. I don't mean 'just' words as if they are nothing. I mean it as in, just words, simple little words, letters, that can evoke so much power, that really it is quite incredible. Films need actors, locations, costumes, makeup artists, directors and the rest of the army. Yet a book, all it requires is one writer with a huge, passionate imagination. Oh gosh, I'm going off on one again.....

So, we watched the film and I loved it. Yes, the film was amazing, the colours and acting ofcourse, but the story of JE, it was just wonderful. I love Jane. Here effortlessly beautiful and unique personality, her strength and power for herself and all women. I loved her passion for Mr Rochester and the turbulant journey she has to endure to reach her happy ending. It's hauntingly eerie edge, combined with a love story makes this work of art quite unique and in my opinion, simply beautiful. For it's time, 1800's - Bronte was a talent in her own right.

The film got me thinking, I really do need to get myself a copy in print. There is no excuse! On payday, JE will have a pride of place position on my caving-in book case!

Now, for those of you have seen/read JE, what are your thoughts on the story?

'Til next time

Sam :-)

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