Tuesday, 30 April 2013

This I promise you by Tressa Messenger....

Today I've got the lovely Tressa Messenger back on my blog and it's a real privilege to help her spread the word about her latest release. She's here to talk about the reason for writing This I Promise You and why it means so much to her. The journey this lady has embarked on since she was 13 up until now  has lead to the creation of her latest book.

Tressa is giving away gift cards, e-books, signed paperbacks and swag and all you have to do is enter the rafflecopter below! Simples!


You only get one first of anything, and no matter the time, or space, or age, you never forget your firsts.

When thirteen year old Nicky Moore’s parents decide to buy a small summer beach cottage at Atlantic
Beach, North Carolina, she thought her life would end. It didn’t matter the beauty of the area - land and water as far as the eye could see - she was bound and determined to make her family’s summer vacation as dismal as she felt. That was until she met a boy from down the beach; a beautiful boy, with the most intense brown eyes she had ever seen and a smile that could light the ocean on fire. A summer that Nicky thought was doomed from the start, turned into a summer that she would never forget; one full of firsts. It was impossible for her to know years later how one seemingly little decision could change everything forever, but soon, as an adult, Nicky will find out that everything she once thought were real and the promises once made, were lost in a sea of inner turmoil.


I'm not even sure where to begin. How do you explain what an impact a story has on one self? This story is one so very special to me and I put a lot of tears into writing it.
After a friend of mine came to me and presented a book idea to me, which has happened many times since becoming a writer, immediately the story unfolded in my mind. I knew the exact story I wanted to tell. A story that I felt needed to be told. It is a story of finding yourself through young love and trying to maintain that love through life’s obstacles. This story is so very special to me because this story is about me and someone who was very special to me, my first love. I am truly honored to be able to share it with you.
My story is not very unlike the one you are about to read. I fell in love for the first time when I was just 13 years old with the most beautiful boy I had ever known, Jeremy Hayes Hewett. Some told me it was just a crush, a child’s fantasy, and some just dismissed it all together. They were all wrong. Yes, I was 13 and that is young, but I knew how I felt and they did not. He was a truly special person who had the biggest heart of anyone I had ever known. We dated the entire school year until I moved away at the end of the school year. We continued to stay in touch after I moved away, but long distance relationships are hard whether you are 13 or 31 and like so many long distance relationships it didn’t last. Slowly, the once constant letters and phone calls started becoming fewer and further in between until they stopped all together. I would always think about him from time to time though whether I was driving through his hometown, or if I heard a certain song on the radio. I sang our song “I Swear” every night for a year.

Finally, when I was nineteen, I contacted everyone that I could think of who knew him or would possibly know how to contact him, and since this was before advances in technology had taken off I decided to leave it up to the universe. If we were meant to be, then we would be. As the years went by the universe remained steadily quiet, so once again I grew impatient and took it upon myself to try and locate him once more. Unfortunately, this time I did find out where he was, but what I found out was the LAST thing I had ever expected to hear. My first love had been dead for three years after taking his life. The impact of his death left me in complete shock, and after the shock, there was guilt. I was utterly consumed by guilt because oddly enough, it had been exactly three years since I had last tried to find him, I felt guilty for not trying harder. I thought that maybe, had I known what he was going through I could’ve helped him.

Well, what I can’t do, as much as I wish I could, is go back and help him, but what I can do now is share this story in the hopes that it may help someone else. So, that is what I have done. He and I may have only had that one perfect year together when we were kids, but it was a time in my life I will never forget. I often wonder had he and I stayed together how would our lives have played out? People always say that if they could go back in time and change anything in their life they wanted to they wouldn’t change a thing. But if you knew that was the ending would you change it if you could do it all over again? I would.

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You can find Tressa, here, here and here....

'Til next time
Sam :-)

Monday, 22 April 2013

Just a quick drop in....

Hi folks

This is the briefest of blogs but I just wanted to keep drop by and keep in touch with you all. 

Things have been crazy manic here (family stuffs) but I'll fill you in on all of that another time. As for my writing, well still plodding along slowly but surely (every day life seems to throw obstacles in my way all the of the time!) Daniella and Luca's story is FINALLY finished!! Yes, you heard me, FINISHED! Thanks to the lovely Annie Seaton for her editing service (which I would recommend!) over the last few months, Revenge in Rio is ready to submit to publishers. So, watch this space :-) 

I have started on two new stories. One is a paranormal, vampire hero named Malakai and human heroine, Sophie. The second...I'm not quite sure what it is...but I do know it's something quite different, romance, true life, tragedy, a right mixture - character - Jason, Isobel and James. 

So, there you are now up to date with the life of Sam ;-) When I have some more info on Daniella and Luca's progress I will definitely be sharing with you! 

'Til next time!

Sam :-) 

Friday, 12 April 2013

Carmen Falcone's, Heating Up Hawaii Cover Reveal....

I love participating in cover reveals and here is another beauty to feast your eyes upon! Handing straight over to the lovely Carmen...
Cover Reveal!
Carmen Falcone stopped by to share the cover for Heating Up Hawaii, releasing on May 3rd. Get ready ladies, summer is coming early this year!

There is just one person standing between Penny Ashbrook’s dream of opening her own PR business or being stuck at her job–the formidable Luc Leoni–her first lover, and the man who lets nothing and no-one get in his way. Seeing him after so long brings all the hidden emotions after a life altering break-up to surface. Pain, denial and…lust.
Luc has made many sacrifices for his career, including Penny Ashbrook, the woman who set his aspirations back a year, but now she has returned and is more alluring than ever. After all these years, he thought a self-made billionaire as himself could master everything, but to resist the strong pull toward the one woman he can't have is an impossible task.
When this unlikely pair is reunited they will have to face the many challenges set in their way, especially an attraction that has only heightened with time and a deadline quickly approaching. Can their new bond surpass old—and new—fears?

About Carmen
Carmen Falcone learned at an early age that fantasizing about fictional characters and places beat doing Math homework any day. She traveled the world, achieved a B.A. in Tourism in her hometown in Brazil and was soon invited to work in the USA, where she met her Swiss husband. She’d always dreamed of becoming a published writer, and after her daughter was born, she revisited that dream of writing – this time, unwilling to give it up. She lives in Austin and enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with her family and three high energy pugs.

Connect with Carmen


Hope you enjoyed! 
'Til next time
Sam :-)

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Megan D Martin's, Soldier In Chains Cover Reveal....

Soldier in Chains

It’s Cover Reveal Time!

Megan D. Martin is here revealing the cover for her upcoming erotica release Soldier in Chains. So, whatcha think?

Dorian North, a soldier in the United States Army, is only hours away from being finished with her final tour in Afghanistan. It's only when she’s ambushed by al Qaeda that Dorian is knocked unconscious and awakens to find herself bound and gagged in a stranger's bed. She desperately tries to escape, but quickly finds herself enamored with her captor's alarming handsomeness.
Rob Hutcherson is a former Sergeant of the United States Marine Corps, who stumbled upon an al Qaeda ambush. He rescues the surviving soldier: the most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes on. Taking her back to his home he finds his attraction to the fierce young woman to be overwhelming. When she wakes for the first time her goal is clear: escape. In fear for her safety he chains the little hell cat to his bed. He can't bear the thought of losing her, so he plans to show the little spit fire all the reasons she should stay…

Release day has been moved up! Look for Soldier in Chains at your favorite book seller after Friday, April 12th!
Available as an ebook.

About the author:
Megan D. Martin is a multi-published author, editor, student, and mother.
She enjoys decorating her home with strange things that do not match, playing her old school Nintendo Entertainment System, and buying fish for her many fish tanks.
To learn more about Megan check her out on these social networking sites. 

Hope you enjoyed that folks! 

'Til next time!

Sam :-) 

Monday, 8 April 2013

Lucky winner of Doris O'Connor's giveaway is....

Hi guys

Firstly, I am so sorry for the delay in announcing the winner of Doris O'Connor's giveaway...to say things have been a bit manic here would be an understatement. But alas, thank you for all of your participation in the blog post and a HUGE thank you for your patience.

I haven't used a fancy name generator gadget, instead I jotted down the names and let one of my boys pick. Can't be more random than that, eh?!

The lucky winner is.....Michaela Rhua! Well done Michaela.

If you could get in touch with myself or Doris and we'll sort out your winnings :-)

Thanks all...

'Til next time!

Sam :-)
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