Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Free Fallin'

I just wanted to share this perfect little cover of Tom Petty's Free Fallin'. Max Milner's voice....aw, what can I say, it's just perfection and flawless. Makes me feel all tingly and warm :-D

I love his cheeky little smile at 0.37.


Max Milner's cover of Free Fallin' right here!


Monday, 20 August 2012

Love -- I mean Inspiration is in the air!

Prepared to be loved up....

On Saturday we went to my cousin's wedding and boy was it HOT! For the last couple of week's the typical British weather couldn't make up it's mind if it wanted to be hot, cold, raining, windy, cloudy, foggy, humid, freezing; you name, we've had it!! 

Anyway, Saturday was into the 30's and was kind of unbearable at times, especially when you are running after two toddlers and trying to suck in the tummy for the happy-snapper photographer who was lurking everywhere you went (why oh why didn't I wear the bridget jones 'suck it all in' knickers?!) So kudos to the happy couple who didn't look phased by the heat at all! The wedding was beautiful and went off without any hitches. Though, the moment when the registrar says "does anyone know of any reason why these two people should not be wed, speak now" silence filled the room and then one of my boys decided he'd had enough of the quiet and let out a big raspberry type sound! Embarrassing, but hey it kind of broke the tense atmosphere and had people laughing. Anyway, I'm going off on a tangent here, back to the moral of this post...

The groom looked handsome (I have to say that, he's my cousin :-p ) and the bride was blushing (and beautiful!) The ceremony was held at The Boatyard in Leigh-on-Sea and it really was lovely; contemporary and really slick, but strangely in the centre of the pretty and historical town of Leigh! Juxtaposition or what! Completely different to the wedding we attended last weekend, which was traditional and classic. This one was ultra modern, clean and sleek lines (in my opinion, but hey I'm no wedding planner.) You can see the difference in styles for yourself in the photos below, I've done a little compare/compare.

So, with all these weddings taking place, vows being exchanged and unconditional love being declared left, right and centre, tears of happiness (God, I hope not sadness?!!) being shed and champagne and mojitos (Jess!) flowing, it got my creative cogs ticking. All that emotion and love was a fantastic source for inspiration and ideas, of which I have jotted down a few for future stories! I love weddings, the whole 'united' love and lifetime of happiness, the first kisses, the first dances, the speeches....oh the speeches!! At both weddings, the father's of the brides both did such lovely and thoughtful speeches...I had tears in my eyes for both. Thanking their wives for giving them such wonderful daughters and how proud they were....(awww!! I'm welling up again!) I must remember this type of 'open for all to see' sincerity and honesty and genuine compassion for my Alpha's in the future! I love a good old emotional tug on the heart strings. 


I love, love. Hence why I love reading and writing romance! Always have and always will. You could say I have a love affair with love! 

Wedding number 2

Wedding number 1

They were two completely different weddings, two completely different styles, different vows, different dresses, different suits, different menus, different wedding favours, different first dances, everything was completely and utterly different, apart from one thing....One element was the same....Love! Our two sets of special friends and family had that one thing in common throughout their special day, which can't be altered.  It should be something so natural and effortless (of-course you have to work at a relationship, who doesn't!) but ultimately love DOES make the world go round. 

Wedding number 1

Wedding number 2
Love is love. Nothing more, nothing less. You can't change it to fit a particular style or trend and you can't pretend to love, because at the end of the day people can see true love. And I can honestly say that is what we witnessed on both these special occasions....True love....in it's most exquisite and natural form. Just how it should be.

Wedding number 1
Wedding number 2

And just a little piccy of my lovely husband, our gorgeous twins and me!

I'm also feeling so honoured and privileged that my cousin and his now wife asked me to be a witness to their marriage. 

They had asked me months ago, in-fact maybe a year ago and of-course I agreed! But, me being me and my memory failing me, the special request slipped my mind. 

So, on the day my cousin reminds me I'll be needed to stand and sign etc. Oh Shit! I forgot! I try to look calm and smile "of-course!" He's like "you forgot didn't you?" Yes, yes I did (I hang my head in shame!) I'm sorry! Now I feel like a terrible cousin and an even more terrible witness! But here goes, I'm needed and I try to do my best ever witnessy impression...I walk to the front of the room (in heels, which I NEVER wear and STILL sucking in the tummy!) all the congregation watching and I'm sure they can see me sweating and shaking. Talk about pressure! And I wasn't even the bride...get a grip Samantha! Phew! 

But seriously, I want to thank them for letting me be in such a position, I feel flattered and honoured to be apart of your joining in matrimony!

I found this quote and instantly thought of you both, Richard & Lori -- "Love is friendship set on fire."

And I thought I'd share this quote too, just because I LOVE it :-D 

"We're all a little weird, and life's a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love." -- Dr. Seuss. That sums it right about up I think! 

Hope this post has got you all feeling the love. I'd LOVE to know your thoughts on weddings and all things lovey-dovey so feel free to drop by and comment :-) 

'Til next time, remember to love, love! 

Sam :-) 

Monday, 13 August 2012

I'm still alive....

I'm still here (**waves frantically**)

Wowza, it has been a busy few weeks! Where shall I start....

We had my Mum's birthday to celebrate.
The we had my twin boys 2nd birthday to celebrate.
Then we had a friend and her twin girls come to stay for a few days.
Then we had a friend's wedding.
AND we have another wedding to go to this coming saturday!!

I'm tired just typing all of this! Phew!

But what can I say, it's been a fun and beautiful couple of weeks and I would love to share some highlights with you in the photos below....

'Til next time!

Sam x

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