Thursday, 26 April 2012

Hello my name's Samantha and I'm a Pinterest addict...

Hi all!

For a while now I've heard people talking about Pinterest but not really pay much attention until recently! I didn't really want to add another "to do" to my list of social networking sites if I could help it...and was it really necessary, after all it's only a site full of thousands of images, right? 

So, after umming and arring whether to give it a try, I took the plunge and opened an account. Initially I hated it! I couldn't get to grips with it and the whole concept didn't seem to "flow" naturally. BUT after a couple of days of playing around with it, I found myself warming to Mr Pinterest and his boards.

I soon found it was a whole lot more than just pictures. I love the fact you can create different folders for particular topics your searching for and if you want to, share on your Facebook timeline. Now well under way, I feel I'm a confident "pinner" and love the fact you can search for near enough anything you want to. I've mainly been using it for my WIP and searching for images of locations/characters which helps tons with the descriptions and feeling as though you are really there!  

If anyone fancies have a browse of my boards, click here for the link. :-)

'Til next time

Happy pinning! 

Sam x

ps: Heres a sneaky taster of my hero, courtesy of Pinterest ofcourse :-p 

Friday, 20 April 2012

Bit of a random ramble...

Hi all!

Well, its been a long time since I last blogged. Life has just been chaotic, with twins, work, work, twins, sickness bugs, etc etc etc, the list goes on. Writing unfortunately has taken a bit of a back seat :-( But I'm really trying to get it back on track now, steadily chug along with my WIP (the same one which has been the WIP since early 2011! It will be finished ONE DAY!)

March and April saw my family and I struck down with a sickness bug, twice! (How generous of you Mr Bug). Was horrid! Though, i'm hoping its gone for good now as my poor old washing machine just can't keep up with the loads!

I hate to make excuses for not being able to write, because I guess at the end of the day there really are no excuses. All comes down to time management, wanting and believing. Whilst my twins have a midday sleep, I tend to try and cram an hour or two writing in where possible and then again another hour or so in the evening (hence, can you see why this has been going on since 2011?!) It's not the most ideal way to write, and I'd obviously love to be able to sit at a lovely organised desk for hours each day. But for now, a secret hour here and there on the laptop, sitting on the sofa crossed legged will have to suffice :-) 

Right, off until next time (which will not be so long this time).

Take care!

'Til next time! 

Sam x
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