Monday, 22 April 2013

Just a quick drop in....

Hi folks

This is the briefest of blogs but I just wanted to keep drop by and keep in touch with you all. 

Things have been crazy manic here (family stuffs) but I'll fill you in on all of that another time. As for my writing, well still plodding along slowly but surely (every day life seems to throw obstacles in my way all the of the time!) Daniella and Luca's story is FINALLY finished!! Yes, you heard me, FINISHED! Thanks to the lovely Annie Seaton for her editing service (which I would recommend!) over the last few months, Revenge in Rio is ready to submit to publishers. So, watch this space :-) 

I have started on two new stories. One is a paranormal, vampire hero named Malakai and human heroine, Sophie. The second...I'm not quite sure what it is...but I do know it's something quite different, romance, true life, tragedy, a right mixture - character - Jason, Isobel and James. 

So, there you are now up to date with the life of Sam ;-) When I have some more info on Daniella and Luca's progress I will definitely be sharing with you! 

'Til next time!

Sam :-) 

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