Wednesday, 20 June 2012

My take on Fifty Shades!


Whilst food shopping in Asda the other week (couldn't be any further from the scandalous, opulent and lust infused life of Ana and Grey), there I was picking out the nicest looking satsumas and bananas (wink wink) when I saw one of their promotion stands full to the brim with copies of Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. Funnily enough, a couple of days before, I'd seen E.L.James talking on Lorraine (it was on in the background whilst I was doing the boys breakfast!) and wondered what all the fuss was about. I couldn't resist trying out this so called "Mummy Porn" so I popped a copy of the first instalment into my trolley and off I marched back down the fruit and veg aisle, blissfully unaware of what tantalising treats that laid between the pages! 

So, for anyone who has been living with under a rock, in a cave on a far away deserted island, the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy originated from E.L.James's fan fiction based on the Twilight Saga. It's basically about a young graduate student named Anastasia Steele who trundles off to interview one of the most renowned business tycoons in the USA AKA Mr Grey (CEO, the BDSM lover, red room of pain owner, man of orgasmic talents and not forgetting the master of the universe!) Having stumbled into Grey's office, purchasing a few cable ties, handcuffs and a flogger along the way, swiftly followed by a cheeky Charlie Tango helicopter ride later, Ana and Christian are good to go! 

So, a few days later I started reading book number one and if I'm honest, found the first chapter a bit slow and did wonder what all the media hype was in-aid of. To begin with I didn't really like reading in the first person POV, but as I carried on I came around the style and actually quite love it now (I also enjoyed the way E.L.James wove Ana's subconscious inner goddess into her thoughts every now and then! And of-course loved the way she'd look over her half moon specs at Ana in disgust, tapping her foot and tutting away in shame!) Anyway, I carried on and so pleased I did, because that right there people is the moment I fell in-love with the book (s)! Hook, line and sinker comes to mind :-)I found myself reading at every single opportunity; when the kids were napping I had book in hand, stirring the dinner I had book in the other hand! I even took it to work with me and made sure I took my lunch break just so I could have "my" time with Mr Grey (I'm a geek, I know!)

A lot of review sites have slated E.L.James for her apparently poor writing style? Personally I don't think it's poor. But, even if I did think that, so what! They are written well enough for people to go and purchase thousands of copies, so she must have done something right! Stop hating! Remember people, this is just a book. A piece of fantasy. Fiction. It's not real. Just because you buy and happen to like FSOG does not mean you have become a BDSM lover! Yes, it is a cheesy read and very far fetched, but hey, isnt that what love stories and reading are all about? Taking you to another place, making you believe in the unbelievable?

I won't go into details of the plot as I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read it yet (why not?) I appreciate it isn't everybody's cup of tea, but personally I adored each and every book. Once you get past the graphic sex preferences in book one, two and three are far tamer and explore why Grey is the way he is. You can sit and watch as their relationship becomes more real and gentle. 

I fell over and over and over in-love with Christian Grey, for all of his lovely qualities and his faults (though we would have to have words about the whips and a certain type of plug!! Yuck!) I love his dominant and powerful side, full of assertiveness and control. Yet shards of vulnerability shine through as the books progress and open him up to the reader, making him more likeable and understandable. I liked Anastasia too, she's sweet and innocent, yet the only one who is strong enough to tame the wild beast (so to speak). Fair enough, she does get a little annoying at times with all of her "Oh my" 's and "His trousers hung "that" way" comments but come on, leave the girl alone! She's infatuated with the guy who has popped her cherry, single handedly flown her about in a private jet and 'copter, given her multiple orgasms (he can't be based on a real guy?) and is building her a new home with a meadow for a garden. Surely you would also be "Oh my!" 

Predominantly it's a love story, full of passion, love and lust (and of-course some Kinky F*ckery). As it says on the covers, it will obsess you!

I've just finished the third book and all I can say is LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Simple as that! I enjoyed the cheesiness of it, the whole whirlwind relationship and the escapism it lends to the reader. I feel like FSOG trilogy will be one of those worldwide hype phenomenon's, which enters practically every home, like Twilight and Potter. We are now experiencing the Grey Generation people! I hope the film stays true to the book as much as possible and of-course has a fitty play the infamous Mr Grey! My two proposals are Alex Pettyfer and Alexander Skarsgard...deeeeelish! 


So, enough of my ramblings. Try it for yourself and see :-) 

Til next time. 

Laters, Baby.

Signed, The Official Mrs Christian Grey :-p 

Fav quote from FSOG: "I don't make love, I fuck...hard." 


  1. I admit, I'm still holding out. I've heard several talk about the boring first chapter and I keep putting it off. I then have to ask myself how many movies have I had to sit through a boring first half to get to the good stuff at the end. I admit quite a few.

    Thanks for telling us about your experience. I think I'll be picking up the trilogy.



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