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Introducing reader, writer and published author, Stace. R. Cole....

It's a real pleasure for me to host my first Author interview here on my blog page and even more of a pleasure that is it with one of my dear friends, Stace Cole! My lovely CP Faith Thomas and I have put together some questions for Stace to tackle, in hope that our readers can get to know her a bit better. So let the interrogation begin....I'm kidding, I'm kidding. We'll be gentle, promise! 

Lets start with a little introduction to the wonderful Stace...



S. R. Cole has always been a huge lover of romantic fiction. She loves nothing more than curling up with a good book and falling in love with a sexy hero. The biggest heroes in her life though, don’t come from romance novels. They’re neither sexy cowboys or gun wielding bodyguards. They are however, two amazing men from America, called Ben & Jerry!

A mum with three lovely but oh-so-cheeky daughters, Cole spends her days playing hide and seek, baking cookies and scrapbooking with her girls.

By night, she curls up under the duvet, with her laptop and a glass of something naughty and competes with herself to beat the previous day’s word count as she creates her own perfect heroes.


So Stace, firstly how are you feeling about your new debut release? (Congratulations by the way!) Pretty exciting time for you huh?
Thanks Sam! I’m very excited to be here with you today.
It is pretty exciting yes, but also terribly nerve-wracking! Of course writers improve the longer they write and the more they write, but as this is my first published book, I want to make a good impression. I’m completely in love with my hero, Bill and I want others to fall for him too.

Take us back, what initially got you into writing and your passion for books?
My brother passed away when I was ten and I wrote a poem about him in school. It was then that I realized how good it felt to get what I was thinking and feeling on paper. I have been a book worm all my adult life, so writing what I love to read as been a natural progression.

"Wild Bill Williams didn't plan on becoming a father, but when Doctor Carrie Carlton turned up on his doorstep pregnant and in danger, Bill knew he couldn't turn her away. In a desperate bid to save the life of his unborn child, rancher and bodyguard Bill did the only thing he could do, propose!"

What inspired you to write The Bodyguard’s Secret Baby?
I love bodyguards. I love protective men and I love cowboys. I’m also a huge lover of secret baby stories and medical romance, so I wanted to write something that combined everything I love in one book.

Are any of your characters based on real people, or are they completely from imagination?
They are all from my imagination, although all of my heroes have a little of my friend Maurice in them. He is my own personal hero and so I can’t help but think of him when I write. Later this year, I’ll be writing two fire-fighter stories, there will be a lot of him in them.

What genre of story do you enjoy writing? Romance obviously, any others tucked up your sleeve…?
I do have something else up my sleeve right now that I am hoping to start work on in the next few weeks, but I’m keeping it under my hat for now. 

Who is your favorite writer? And what is your favorite book?
Oh gosh, there are just too many to choose from. I love Shirley Jump, Melissa McClone, Donna Alward, Maya Angelou and of course, E. L. James. I’m totally hooked on the fifty Shades series right now.

What is your writing schedule like? Do you have a method? Are you a pantser or a plotter?
I’m a pantser, all the way. Plotting really doesn’t work for me as I am too fickle. I never know which direction I’m going to take so I try not to plan too much.

Where do you find/take inspiration from?
Honestly? I really don’t know. An idea just pops in my head and if I like it, I go with it. So I guess you could say I’m inspired by my gut!

If there was just one thing you could say to your readers, what 
would it be?
THANK YOU! You're my reason for writing and sharing my work with you is a huge honour.

Other than writing (obviously!) What other things do you like to do in your free time? 
I love to read, but that’s pretty much a given. I also love to bake, scrapbook, listen to music. I also love to shop and of course, eat chocolate.

Some quick, fun questions...

Starter (appetiser for my American friend! Faith!) or dessert?
Both – I’m greedy!

Summer or Winter?
Winter. I hate the heat.

Favorite colour?
Oooh, that’s a tough one! I love purple, but I’m also a huge lover of red, gold and brown too. I really can’t choose my fave out of those. - Purple's my favourite too! 

Place you were born?

Star sign?

Favourite food?
Indian and of course Ben & Jerry’s!

Favourite biscuit? 
Chocolate Hob Knobs.

Name one thing you are scared of.
Spiders! Urgh!

If you were stranded on a desert island (don’t worry help is on its way!) Who would you like to be stranded with for a day or two?
Ha, this question made me laugh!
I really should say my boyfriend, but I’m going to say George Clooney. Or maybe Jensen Ackles or David Boreanaz. Hmm, can I choose all of them?
- I knew you were going to say Clooney!! 

Where in the world would you most like to visit right at this moment in time?
The US! I want to visit every state before I die. So far I’ve only managed California, so I have a lot of work to do and a lot of books to sell to achieve my goal!

Lastly, what is next for S. R. Cole…
At this moment in time? Popping to the shop to buy some Coke! I’m a caffeine addict and I’m all out! Beyond that, my plans are not quite so well thought out. I live for the moment so I don’t really think ahead. I do know that there’s lots more writing to come, including a collaboration that will be completely different to my usual writing style. And of course, I’m working on my second cowboy-bodyguard story, featuring Bill’s brother, Danny. Both books will be being launched together in paperback later this year.

....And what advice would you give to any aspiring authors out there?
Just follow your heart. There are so many tips and courses on the practical side of writing out there, but they are all completely useless if you don’t believe in yourself first. Find your voice and stay true to it. And don't be ashamed or afraid to live or dream.

Contact details for S. R. Cole:
You can reach me via Facebook
On Twitter
And via my blog

And where can we purchase your book? 
The Bodyguard's Secret Baby

Before I go, I’d just like to say a huge thank you to you for having me here today and for helping me celebrate my book launch. x - You are absoloutly welcome! Would love for you to stop by more often for a virtual cuppa and a biscuit (I may go all out and treat you to Hob knobs). All the best with The Bodyguard's Secret Baby and the rest of your book launch, I'm sure it will do ridiculously well. 

Right now, I have a date with Bodyguard Bill!  

'Til next time!

Sam and Faith :-) 


  1. This looks amazing Sam! I love it! Thank you so much for being the first stop on my book tour! <3

  2. You are most welcome :-) enjoy the rest of your tour! x

  3. I've started reading it last night and I've just got to say I am sooo In love with Bill right now. He is divine.

    1. Thanks so much Faith. I have to confess, I'm in love with Bill as well. He is quite the muffin. Blueberry! x

  4. Great interview. Very interesting to learn more about this talented lady.

    1. Thanks very much Melissa. I'm being interviewed live on FB later so you may get to learn some more then. x


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