Friday, 2 August 2013

My boys turned 3......

As most of you are aware by now (I haven't stopped talking about it on FB for a while!) but for those of you that don't twin boys turned 3 last Saturday. Aw, 3! Where did that last year go, in fact where did the last 3 go?! 

We had a party to celebrate like we have done every year, but each party seems to get bigger and bigger (and I'm pretty sure the adults enjoy the bouncy castle even more than the kids do!)'s a few pics of the day I thought I'd share with you :-)  

Neev....or is it Sacha with the Mickey my Uncle made for their party

And Sacha...or Neev?

Boys on the bouncy castle

Magnets made for the kids party bags by Jessica Harrington

Handmade felt toys for the kids party bags made by Marie at HeartFelt

Handmade crayons for party bags by Dinky Doodles

Chocolate and Vanilla Mickey themed biscuits made by the amazingly talented Arlene at Button Biscuits and Cakes

Party bags made by Simply Lovely

Party banners made by Simply Lovely

Birthday cake made by Adam at Adams Cakes


So, I hope you enjoyed!

'Til next time!

Sam :-) 


  1. Oh wow it looks like they had such a great day!

    Time flies doesn't it, it seems 2 moments ago my daughter was born, she'll be 5 in november! Starting full time school in 4 weeks!!

    Happy birthday to your boys x

    1. Aw thanks Dee! Yep, times seems to go by so fast, it's scary! It's even more scary the thought of them starting school eh?! My two start nursery/pre school this september :-( Obviously it's a brilliant thing and they'll love it (I hope!) but it's like my babies aren't babies anymore :-( xxx


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