Saturday, 24 August 2013

Country Girls by Tressa Messenger

Tressa is no stranger to my blog and it's always a pleasure to welcome her back here. She has a new release, Country Girls and is here today to share the gorgeous cover art, a little taster of what her latest book is all about, as well as generous rafflecopter giveaways - $20 Visa, signed book, Ebook, and swag! 

About Country Girls....

Marissa left town as soon as high school ended, carrying with her deep dark secrets that she never intended to divulge, but once she went back home after twenty years for her high school reunion she knew that was exactly where she wanted to be.  Once back in her home town in North Carolina it all comes rushing back to her, both good and bad, even the uncontrollable desire for her first love, who happened to be her best friend’s husband.

Marissa and her three best friends could never have imagined the events that would take place once these once inseparable County girls are back together again or the hot nights that are sure to come.

About Tressa....

I am a small town girl with big dreams. I grew up in a small coastal community called Pamlico County in the town of Reelsboro, North Carolina. Growing up in such a rural area there wasn't much to do, so I developed a wide fantasy finding solace in writing poetry and songs. Being a gypsy at heart I left my little secure coastal town to discover other parts of the country, always looking for my next adventure. It was a sad and lonely time, but also a fun and exciting time in my life. I had too many emotions to process so I started to put it all down on paper. That became the start of my first novel, which I have yet to finish. 

When I was 30 I sat down and felt an overwhelming urge to write, even though I had no clue where to start. I spent that year writing nonstop until my first complete novel entitled Protector was finished. This novel was a dream come true, although I found out during the process, at 31 years old, I am dyslexic. Reading was always a struggle throughout my life and finding out why has really made a difference in me and my writing. Writing is such a wonderful and daunting process, but I have succeeded in doing something I never thought I would do. 

As of now I have 5 novels published: Protect, Protect Me, Protect Us, Too Close To Home and This I Promise You, with many more on the way. Writing is such a passion of mine and I hope my readers feel the love I put into my work and know that no matter your past, you can do anything.

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