Sunday, 27 May 2012

Six Sentence Sunday...

Here's this week's Six Sentence Sunday...again with my lovely Luca and Daniella :-) 

Daniella is currently in labour, Luca is by her side and truths have just been told! I can't tell you any more, otherwise you won't buy it when it's released :-)

The hard lump had returned at the back of his throat and however hard he coughed attempting to clear it, it would not budge. Was this the physical manifestation of how guilt felt he wondered? Looking down at the young girl in the hospital bed his heart ached, constricting and tightening within his chest like a snake around it’s prey. He owed it to her to stay. Firmly by her side. Swallowing his pride he took hold of Daniella’s hand and squeezed it gently, “I’m not going anywhere.” 

Heres the link for SSS if you want to check it out or participate!

Thanks for looking :-)

Sam x


  1. Great six! Lots of emotion and wonderful tension!

  2. good man, there. great six.


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