Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Catching Those Lucid Dream State Thoughts...

Where's my pen and paper? A fantastic idea springs to mind and you NEED to get it down on paper (or computer) 


1) you're not near to your desktop or laptop. 
2) your phone has some how disappeared, most likely mine is down the back of the settee or one of the twins is trying to chew on it. 
3) Your pen runs out of ink. 
4) By the time you locate a pen, phone, computer, the idea has fizzled away and the few words you do manage to get down don't seem to have the WOW factor that was singing and dancing in your head two minutes ago. See where I'm going with this?

Any of that sound familiar??

I read a blog the other day by Ruchita and she was talking about writer's muse, how she would be preparing lunch and then BAM! Perfect sentences appeared one after the after. 

It got me thinking and agreeing with her, which I'm sure everyone can also. The time I tend to have such clear, amazing, lucid, thoughts and words come to me, is just as I'm drifting off to sleep. Literally, I'll be in that state of not awake but not quite asleep and I can hear my character's talking, the dialogue and story is so well structured and making perfect and beautiful sense....but...but...but...I'm nearly asleep! Where's my pen...I start to reach out to try and find either (or at least something!) but no...then I'm gone. ZZZZZ Fast asleep. I wake in the morning and I know I had great ideas but for the life of me I cannot remember the content and details of them. 

So, this leads me to solutions....

1) To have a pen and paper under my pillow and
2) To have my mobile phone cello taped to my hand...
3) Invest in a dream catcher!

What solutions do you guys have when it comes to capturing those golden, precious thoughts/ideas before they slip through the dream net....

'Til next time! 

Sweet dreams!

Sam :-) x


  1. Perhaps I should have named this blog, "Wheres me pen, where's me paper." LOL.


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