Monday, 16 February 2015

Bye bye to nail biting....hello pretty new nails

This post has nothing to do with writing or stories but I thought I'd share it with you anyhow. Hands up...I confess, I'm a nail biter, no, no....WAS a nail biter. Had been since the day I can remember and I'm now 29. So it's been a while. I have tried to stop in the past, several years ago, but nothing really happened, a few days into it and I'd start biting again.

But the other day (I started this post in July 2014 and have only just finished it!) I looked at my hands and I really thought to myself, my fingernails and finger tips (the skin all around the edges) looked awful and made me feel a bit ashamed. I decided then that it had to stop. I've taken a few beginning and progress pics so I can share the results with you! Here goes....

Day One.

Day Three. Things had to get worse before they could get better. I pushed the cuticles back, cut off some of the excess and now just had to wait for the skin around the edges to heal. I continued to moisturise loads throughout the day. 

Day Five and things are getting better. Can even see some progress. The cuticles are tidier, the sores/skin around the edges are healing and I have some growth! Woo! 

Day Seven. More progress. More growth and I can even get a little bit of light coloured nail varnish on them! 

It's now February 2015 and I've been having professional manicures every two weeks. My treat to myself - I don't drink, I don't smoke, so it's my little bit of luxury :-) Here's a couple of photos of manicures I've had and my lovely, all natural and most important ALL my own nails. No extensions in sight! 

I love, love, love them and can hand-on-heart say that I will never be a nail biter again! 

Sam :-) 

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