Saturday, 21 September 2013

It's all about the promo....

I'm starting to promo my little derrière off now that it's the build up to Revenge in Rio's release! (21st October incase you'd forgotten - how very dare you!) and I thought I'd share a couple of the beautiful things I've had made so far. 

I love pretty, one of kind, handmade things, so I've sought out the best of the best crafters/designers out there!

 It’s all about the magnets...
Gorgeous promo magnets made by my friend and talented designer Jessica Harrington.
...And all about the bookmarks
Some stunning handmade book marks designed and crafted by the uber talented Vicci at Simply Lovely .

I have also had some gorg teasers made up by Laura at MusicPlusBooks which will introduce Daniella and Luca to you. But I'm saving those beauties for my future Revenge in Rio Countdown Teaser posts! Sorry, sorry, I know I'm wicked :-) Keep your eyes peeled for those, as they'll be out soon! 

I'd love to know what you think of my goodies and perhaps find out what you like to have made (if you do) to promote your books. 

Happy promo'ing peeps! 

Sam :-) 

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