Saturday, 25 May 2013

Blogging about what you know.....

I havent't personally blogged for a little while, so today I thought I would enlighten you all with my words of wisdom (well, something along those lines!) BUT when I sat down to put fingers to keys, I went blank. What should I blog about? What my current work in progress is? How far down the publishing line I am? Yeah, I guess I could but I've already done that and not too long ago. (As much as I am way over the top excited about being published, I don't want to bombard you all with it). So, back to the drawing board I went - actually my three year old's chalk board, but it worked....

Ding! The light bulb went off.

Why don't I write about what I know! And what do I know all about....what do I understand more than anything right at this moment in time? TWINS, of course!

For those of you who don't know, yep, I am a mother to twins (for my sins some say, but I'm sure they're just jealous....refer to point #3). Identical twin boys to be exact. One minute apart by c-section. Now, this blog topic may not be writing related but I am writing and that's good enough for me :-)

SO, I'm going to indulge you all in my list of all things we go....

#1. As a parent of twins, I hate it when people send just one birthday/christmas card. Seriously? Why would you do that? You wouldn't send just one card to other siblings to share so why treat two kids who happen to have the same birthday, that way? Hmm. You can get cards for pennies now, there is no reason to send just one. (Rant over).

#2. Even if you are the most organised person and advance plan EVERYTHING, twins will put a stop to this. They WILL descend complete and utter chaos on to your life and put a stop to your 'perfectly arranged lists' (in an amazing way of course!)

#3. I was once in the supermarket carpark and getting the twins (who were about six months old at the time I reckon) out of the car and into their double buggy (Baby Jogger City Mini Double - if you are thinking of getting it - DON'T! It was useless!) The boys were crying and being a new first time mother I admittedly did often get myself into a flap. (You know, the whole, everyone is looking at me and judging me, I'm a terrible mum type feeling). Anyway, this guy who had parked next to me was loading his shopping to the boot of his car. He looked at me, laughed and said "I don't envy you. Rather you than me, love." Really? How I bit my tongue I will never know! I think some people come out with stupid comments because they are simply jealous.

#4. Two children = double the kisses, cuddles, smiles and good times!

#5. Twins have just the most amazing and beautiful connection. My two never want to be apart and look out for eachother. (That alone reassures me about them starting school! You mess with my bruv, you have me to deal wiv, capiche?)

#6. If you are expecting twins, I would advise you to get them in-sync with eachother. Get them to sleep at the same time, feed at the same time, etc. Otherwise you will forever be chasing your tail with one up, one asleep, one hungry, one not. A good routine is SO key!

#7. When I was pregnant, I had these lovely, idealic thoughts that I would be able to breastfeed the two. I tried. I really tried but after three days I stopped. I expressed for three more weeks and bottle fed them with a combo of that and formula. At first I was really upset with myself, I wanted to do the best for my children. It took me a while to realise that I was doing my best and I needed to ease up on myself.

#8. With weaning, you will only need ONE bowl and ONE spoon. I purchased several with the vision that I would have a set for each baby, feeding them in perfect unison. No, no. That's not quite how it goes down in my house. Bits of food all over the show and the dogs rushing to pick up whatever falls on the floor. I've only ever used one set. One spoonful for you and one spoonful for you....#Keeplifesimple.

#9. Twin language really is real! My two have always babbled away to each other and it is just the CUTEST thing ever. I have no idea what they mean but they understand eachother perfectly.

#10. Twins are certainly a gift. A very special one. Remember that when things get difficult.

# 11. Yes, you get double the amount of morning sickness but that's quickly out weighed by double the amount of special baby kicks when you're pregnant. 

Ooh, go on then, here's the final one....

#12. The scan when you find out that you are expecting twins will be one of (if not THE) best day of your life. Certainly is mine.

So, there you are folks. I hope you enjoyed my rollercoaster top 11...I mean 12 points of being a twin mummy.

'Til next time!

Sam :-)


  1. Aw, so cute. It almost makes me want them :). Almost! xxx

    1. Lol. They're really, really cute, Aimee. But sometimes they drive me to the point of insanity! :-) xxx

  2. Great post Sam. They sound and look so cute - but one at a time was enough for me to cope with! X

    1. Lol, thanks Susie :-) I bet having one at a time has its perks and difficulties too :-) xx

  3. My mother and aunt are identical twins. It's been interesting to see how they interact and I remember the stories my grandmother used to tell. Twins have always fascinated. The YA I'm editing now has twins in it. And I have identical twins in my class now. I'm on of the few adults who can tell them apart. Being a twin truly seems to be a special bond.

    1. Hi Theresa! Thanks for stopping by. Yep, they really are fascinating little things. I also went to school with identical twin girls and learned to eventually tell them apart. How cool that your mum and aunt are ID's! x

  4. Sweet post. I'd much rather read about someone's life than their writing journey, but maybe that's just me. However, why do you assume that this guy, "He looked at me, laughed and said "I don't envy you. Rather you than me, love." was being a jerk? Maybe he was trying to express empathy for the fact that you had your hands full? Or maybe not. But that was my first reaction when I read it.

    1. Hey Judy. Yeah, I like to read about people's lives too :-)
      Hmm, you're right, he may have been empathising, but it was kind of said in a sarcastic tone. Or maybe that was just me over analysing. Who knows! :-)
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by :-)


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