Thursday, 20 December 2012

And the winner of the Tree Change comp is...

Carmen Falcone!

Well done, Carmen! And thanks to those of you who participated and commented. (I used an online random picker tool as you can see by the photo!) 

Now, I understand that you are already a proud owner of Tree Change, Carmen, so therefore, we are going to have a little spin on a traditional 'giveaway'.

We thought perhaps as it is the festive season and sharing and giving are some of the fundamentals of Christmas time, YOU would like to do a bit of sharing yourself.

You can obviously keep the copy of Tree Change for yourself (if you want a second copy, hehe!) OR you can spread some Christmas joy and 'give' it to a special someone as a festive treat. 

Just pop on over to see Téa or drop her an and she'll sort you out :-)

MERRY CHRISTMAS, One and All :-)

'Til next time

Sam :-)


  1. Dear Sam & Tea,

    Thank you! :) Since I love this book so much, I'd love to give it to someone else. And her name is Maria Perry Mohan, great friend and avid reader :) Her information is sent! Thanks and happy holidays :)

    1. All received and in the process, Carmen :-) Have a lovely Christmas and New Year too! xx


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