Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Finding that oh so special critique partner...

So, today I thought I'd write a short blog about critique partners...

It's bit like shopping for shoes, when you find a pair that FIT, they're a keeper!

Many of us aspiring writers have them, some have one, some have two, three, four and so on. Personally, I have just one now. Que. the intro...the lovely Faith Thomas :-) 

I've never joined a critique group as such, Faith and I met at around the time of New Voices 2011, via their facebook page. To be quite honest, I wasn't sure about showing my precious, beloved work to a stranger who would potentially rip it to shreds. Prior to meeting Faith, I had shared my work with somebody who completely obliterated my chapter, with no care in the world (real friend she was?!) which shattered my confidence in 1) writing and 2) sharing it.

Anyway, we started to chat and eventually that very first exchange of our chapter one's happened. I was so nervous about what she would "think" and say about my writing, of which I adored and felt very protective over. 

Then, ping! Her email came back with the longed "critiquing". I can remember holding my breath when I opened it. Long story short, she had pointed out some fantastic changes that could be made or elaborated on. I let out that long breath and realised receiving critique really wasn't as scary as I thought. 

Over time we've built up a great relationship of critiquing and friendship and I truly respect her opinion. She is everything I expect in a critique partner and friend (and I hope I offer her the same?!) ....

Honest (check), understanding (check), polite (check), fair (check) and constructive (CHECK). 

Enough of my ramblings, I guess what I'm trying to say is a big thank you to those lovely few of you out there who have provided me with feedback over these last 7 months or so (Joanne, Amaryllis, Marguerite) and...without my fabulous critique partner my WIP would likely not be in process :-) so thank you Faith! 

'Til next time! :-) x


  1. Oh my goodness, your comments are going right to my head, but at least they aren't going to my hips like everything else. LOL

    You have been equally helpful. You have pointed out some wonderful things that made me say, "Duh".

    I look forward to the time we are both published and are making enough money to stay online and chat all day about our characters. (Well, and get some writing done too)

  2. I'm definitely looking forward to that time too Faith!! It won't be long now, you'll see :-)


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