Saturday, 21 January 2012

Losing my blogging virginity...

So, here we go! My first EVER blog! I'm not quite sure what to write about exactly, so I thought I would just start with a little intro about myself .

My names Samantha and I live in the South East of England, with my lovely husband, our adorable (sometimes challenging) twin boys and two Bedlington terriers, all squished into our teeny tiny two bed terraced. 

I have always loved reading and writing and the escapism it offers, nothing compares! I currently have one WIP, it's coming along slowly but surely and i'm thoroughly enjoying learning all about my delightful heroine and super alpha hero! 

So, whats the dream I hear you say....To be a successful, published author who can offer readers the emotional and thrilling and magical journey of reading one of my future books :-) But for now I am in the process of making the dream a reality! It may take some time, but the success will then taste all so much sweeter :-D

Feel free to follow my blog, or stop by as and when you can....or want to. 

See you next time guys! 

Sam X


  1. Hi Sam, nice to see you here. I didn't realise you had twins, major handful. I have twin sisters and twin brothers too, both lots identical, and the boys in particular so identical that even my mum had trouble telling them apart. They still, both parents themselves now, answer to either or both names as a result. Hope this blog helps with the writing, good luck with it.

  2. Hi Marguerite! Yep, I have twins, identical boys :-) Wow, two sets of ID's! That is a huge handful (or two!) but also a huge gift, i think. Very special indeed. The twin world is a challenging but rewarding old place to be, a bit like writing in some ways :-)


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